About our app


KinkT (“kinked”) is a new social media platform unlike anything currently available – bringing together sexually adventurous people, in a safe place, where they can be the person they always wanted to be.  

  • All inclusive 
  • Connect with genuine people 
  • Explore and learn 
  • Find events and businesses 


  • Public or private profile, suitable for exhibitionists or introverts  
  • Face photo or Avatar (for those wish to remain discreet) 
  • ID verified 
  • Control what types of messages you receive 
  • Mentally positive 
  • One low subscription fee, no hidden extras 

A kink is a curve or twist in something, which is otherwise, or normally, straight.  

In human sexuality, kinkiness is the use of non-conventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies.  


KinkT (“kinked”) is a g-rated app, with safe for work photos.  Behind the app, KinkT is an Adults Only platform for everyday people, which can only be accessed once your identity has been authenticated. 

It is KinkT’s aim to provide everyone with a safer way to interact online and to create an ALL inclusive space to connect real people, based on what they are looking for – whatever that might be! Whilst also helping to empower them with the knowledge and mindset needed to grow and strengthen their skills for healthy relationships.  

KinkT’s functions are designed to assist people when interacting online, encouraging them to be safe and respectful.  There are quite a few features found on regular social media which we have omitted from the app to protect your privacy and ensure we only provide options which encourage positive mental health.  You may choose to have a private or public profile, and no other user can see if you are active, or view your history of activities.   

Commenting is not permitted, and there are no public forums, as this is usually where conflict can sometimes escalate. We encourage positivity by offering users the opportunity to like other users public posts, with many more fun, uplifting options to come!  


Each profile is single, ID verified and active. Linking will be available in future releases, for friends, relationships and more.  Inactive profiles are prompted at 3 months to login, after 6 months the profile is deleted.  If the user wishes to reactivate after their account has been deactivated, they will have to pay a re-authorisation fee and complete the authentication process again.   


It is important that you read KinkT’s Terms and Conditions of use, to ensure that you adhere to KinkT’s standards of behavior.  Warnings will be issued to those not acting kindly, with respect or exhibiting threatening behavior.  Each incidence will be assessed and KinkT reserves the right to suspend the account, indefinitely or permanently.  If this happens, any fees paid will be forfeited and they will not be able to create another account, as their details will be flagged and they will be unable to obtain verification.   

Posts / Media 

You are encouraged to post on ‘the public feed’ about who you are and what you are looking for, and then other users can choose to contact you. Alternatively, introverts can enjoy the content provided from extroverts and choose to contact who they wish.   

There is always a risk that digital information can be compromised, regardless of safety measures put in place – so only add media that you are comfortable sharing.  As with anything electronic, once it’s live, it cannot be taken back.  Please be mindful of any content you upload and how it can affect your future relationships or career.   

There are only options to ‘like’ posts, positivity is essential for happy interactions!  Every feature in the app has been diligently studied to assess if it is essential and if it provides a positive mental impact. Ultimately, KinkT has been designed to reduce the opportunity for negativity or negative experiences.   


Search functions will be available in future updates, which will eventually include; sex, name, location, age, common criteria, fetishes, etc  


The ability to message or interact within the app is unlocked once a user has been through the identification process.  This is done via a third party app that specializes in online ID verification (veriff.com), the same program that the Australian Government use and trust.  Your personal details are safe and secure with Veriff, and not accessible by KinkT, it’s staff or it’s users.  Any information required in evidence can only be obtained by police via a subpoena.  

You may only contact a user once, via private message, no further contact can be initiated until the user permits you to contact them again.  We hope to encourage users to make an effort and create a good first impression, by limiting their ability to constantly message and controlling what pictures they can send. 

If at any time you wish to cease interacting with another user, you are able to terminate the conversation.  The user will receive a kind, pre-written thank you message wishing them all the best and advising that you will no longer be available to contact.   

Subscription Fees 

$18 per month.